Join us to conserve biodiversity

Wise Ancestors is reframing the space where biodiversity conservation is happening by co-developing Conservation Challenges with Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities. Contact us if you are interested in collaborating to create the next Conservation Challenge. Help ensure that species conservation is consistently tied to benefit sharing and IPLC land stewardship.

If you are a scientist within your community, you may find relevant information on the "Engage as a scientist" page

We actively engage with partners who have a strong connection to the natural ecosystems we aim to protect.

Preserving biodiversity together

Approximately 80% of the Earth's current biodiversity is found in areas that are under the stewardship of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities. We believe it is crucial to empower those who safeguard these lands. Wise Ancestors is dedicated to establishing connections between Indigenous Knowledge and Western science to transform the approach to conservation.  Our platform strives to foster collaboration between different knowledge systems, capitalizing on the profound insights of Indigenous Knowledge and traditional practices, while integrating cutting-edge genomic science technology. We are convinced that achieving a lasting impact requires such collaboration and equitable benefit sharing. Our goal is to preserve biodiversity collectively, in harmony, for the mutual benefit of present and future generations.

Photo credit: Unsplash

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